Pep Talk

Sometimes I just can't seem to say the right words, but my heart knows what I want to say.

I try to be supportive. Supportive to other coworkers. Supportive to other photographers. Supportive to families that need it.

I stumbled across this video by accident at the beginning of the week. I loved it so much I cuddled with my boys and the couch and we watched it together. Then I shared it with my husband. I could watch it a thousand times and still smile...

It made me think...

Am I doing enough.

Am I walking the right path.

Am I setting a good enough example for my boys.

The next day I read an article from another photographer who spoke about how the photography business can be so cruel, that photographers don't support other photographers enough. I smiled because I have several local photographers that I call my friends, some I have known a long time, some I have never met. I don't judge them or down them or look at them as my competition. I look at them as my equal, as my supporters, as my friends. 

Today I remembered this video. Today my sons classmate, who is only 11 years old had surgery. Brain surgery. Thousands of people prayed on facebook, in the hospital, in there home. I walked into the waiting room and was humbled at the site. Coaches, teachers, friends, they were all there. And in that moment I remembered a clip in this video...

Are we all on the same team?

So I challenge you to watch this video and ask your self...

Are you taking the right path?

Are you on the same team?