Where I Began

Sometimes it's nice to go back to the beginning. 

I was at my sons football game and mentioned I was looking for someone to photograph for fun. I wasn't ready to charge so I need someone who just wanted to give me a shot. I was lucky enough to have that one person hear me and I left that football game with a session. 

I remember my stomach being in knots on the way to that session. I also remember leaving that session with a huge smile on my face. 

I didn't have the "best" equipment. I hadn't been through years of training and I was not foolish in thinking I knew everything there was to know...and yes I didn't do everything right.

That day I learned I still had allot to master, but that I also had allot to offer.

I learned that each session is about the experience you give your client. It's about the giggles and the laughter and the memories.

I learned that if you have a good heart people will give you a chance and appreciate you.

I still get butterflies before every session. It's not that I am not confident or scared, I guess it's the feeling of wanting to do my best. Wanting to succeed and offer the best experience and product for my clients.

I also learned that my Journey is never over.

Photographer or not, have you ever gone back to the beginning to see where you have been or how far you have come?