Client reviews and raves



Montgomery Bell Academy

Class of 2017

This past fall, I had the wonderful opportunity to have my senior pictures taken by Mrs. Noreen Nooner. I've known Mrs. Nooner for may years, and I knew that she would be the only one I wanted to take the. The session was nothing short of perfect. She took some of the most amazing pictures and we had fun while doing it. I live quite a distance away from Mrs. Nooner but this never deterred her energy or enthusiasm during the session and waited until the perfect weekend with perfect weather. She always had a big smile on her face and made taking pictures fun. She also made the pictures very personal. She included all of the things I love in my life. My truck, my motorcycle, my dog, etc. This added touch really made the session special for me. And I have never been one that likes taking pictures but Mrs. Nooner changed that. While she is one of the greatest photographers around, she is an even better person that has a warm heart that extends to everyone she meets. I cannot thank her enough for all that she has done. I now have some of the best senior pictures I could have asked for and memories to last a life time.


Springfield High School

Class of 2017

As I began to reminisce on my Senior Session back in August, so many thoughts rushed into my head. I remember a few days before the session began, Mrs. Noreen emailed me a questionnaire, which I answered in hopes of giving her a look into my interests, my hobbies, and my thoughts on scenery for the pictures. With all of that information I sent her, she then went on a scavenger hunt around Nashville searching for the perfect places. My Senior Session was so much more than I could have ever asked for. That day was unlike any other. As we roamed the streets of Nashville, she was always on the lookout for the "perfect picture place." She made me feel beautiful and see myself in such a different perspective than before. Her kind words and positive attitude captured my personality in a picture. My Senior Session was something I will forever cherish. I am so extremely thankful to Mrs. Noreen for her passion for photography and for allowing anyone and everyone to feel beautiful both inside and out.




Springfield High School

Class of 2017

In life there are events that ensure a certain feeling of fondness. These moments have very different feelings. Each moment could possibly be sadness, terror, joy, faith, pride, grace, humor, anguish, grief, freedom, melancholy, and certainty. The one moment I have always longed to capture was certainty, the type of certainty of my self worth. Noreen did just that for me.

Noreen is a woman in my community whom I have known for years and grown to be friends with. Noreen was always at every event with her camera and a desire to capture the happiest moments of life, whether it be love or winning a game. Even from a young age, I knew I wanted Noreen to create my senior pictures. I never knew I wanted to capture certainty at that point, but I knew who could do it all.

My junior year my mother came to me and was overjoyed that Noreen asked when we wanted to take my senior pictures. I asked for the fall. Each senior's year is filled with change, so what better season than the season of change. I anticipated each day at the coming moment. I have always been camera shy, but it was easy to be relaxed and confident with who I was with Noreen. She made me feel important, wise, compassionate, adventurous, and confident. She instilled the mind set of not stopping until we got every picture to capture who I was. She was humorous during our adventure that day. We cracked jokes and giggled during our drive. We had serious conversations as to what my next plan was. She encouraged me to be who I was and love it.

At the end of the day, we were exhausted. Our relationship granted me an advantage most people do not have, to enjoy their session rather than be anxious. Noreen captured everything I could not see in my self. She captured the joy in my eyes and the purity of my smile. She captured the grace that others saw in me and the daintiness of my body. She captured the beauty I could not see. She made me become confident. She gave me certainty through just one picture. She gave me tears of joy when I saw the rest of the album. Noreen captured the qualities of my heart that I could not see. For that, I owe Noreen a lot. Through her grace and compassion she moved my heart through just one session. Her humbleness created a work ethic I have never seen. She is hands-on and personable; her desire is to bring out the best in her clients. Noreen captures the things we can not see. My session was a moment of certainty and moment of relief.

If one is planning on taking senior pictures, Noreen is the woman for you. She will make you laugh till your belly aches and come to a personal level with you at the same time. She will encourage you to strive to achieve your best. She will be faithful in her work. She will be humble in her talents. Please choose Noreen. It was the best decision I made.


Springfield High School

Class of 2017

I really enjoyed Ms. Noreen taking my pictures. I felt that she was very considerate of time and preferences. She has a lot of great ideas and makes sure you are comfortable with the pictures you are taking. She understands what is important to the people she is taking pictures of and always tries to include those things in the pictures.



sycamore High School

Class of 2014

I remember seeing pictures from the class of 2015 and I knew that I had to have Noreen Nooner! I emailed her and from that day on, she continuously worked with my mom and I to set up a date! Noreen isn't like all photographers, she truly takes every single picture with love and passion; she undoubtedly has her heart invested into every single picture she takes, no matter who or what it's of! Her quirky personality had me laughing the entire time, which only resulted in great pictures! Her photography skills even brought me to tears; it was unbelievable to me how amazing and great she made me feel about myself. She cares more about the client, then just getting a "good shot"; she incorporates things you value in your life like your family, sports, and even an instrument you may play. She not only was my senior picture photographer, but she has become a close friend, and that is something I will cherish forever!


morgan's mom

My experience as a parent with having you do Morgan’s senior pictures was so much more than just taking pictures. Through a mother’s eyes their child is beautiful but having their inside and outside beauty shown through a photograph is awe inspiring. You, a complete stranger then, gave my child the biggest bump in her self esteem by not only showing her outside beauty but for somehow capturing her heart and internal beauty in the pictures as well. God brings everyone into our lives for a reason and you are doing his work without even realizing it by giving people encouragement, hope, strength, laughter and amazing memories of photo sessions with you. You not only are a remarkable photographer but a great person as a mother i could never thank you enough not only for the pictures but for giving my daughter a self confidence that couldn’t come from me but had to come from an outside force. I am so glad that we have you in our lives and before the end of the session you were more than the photographer you were a friend and someone I’m proud to know.

Thompson Wedding (269 of 129).jpg

matt and alisha

Noreen is far more than just an exceptional photographer; she’s an exceptional person. So far, she has taken pictures for our engagement, bridal, and wedding day sessions. She made the day of our engagement shoot fun and stress free, allowing us to be ourselves, and that showed in her images. Noreen was capturing two people, not just preserving memories for another engaged couple.

“I wasn’t sure I wanted to do a bridal session because I had never heard of it, but she convinced me, and I don’t regret it at all. It gave me a chance to practice my hair and make-up and bond with my mom and grandmother. It was an awesome experience, the pictures turned out great, and I recommend that all future brides do this!”

On the day of the wedding, we couldn’t be around to see everything come together, but her skill and attention to detail made us feel like we were there for all of it. She didn’t miss a thing. And, during the ceremony, you could hardly tell she was there. Noreen is the most unobtrusive wedding photographer we’ve experienced. She got all of the perfect shots on our special day, and we weren’t even aware of her.

Noreen gets excited about everything, got along with everyone, and was very receptive to the groomsmen’s general goof-offery. She’s a self-proclaimed sucker for true happiness and real moments. She doesn’t force expressions or poses, just lets everyone be themselves and let the love show for itself.

After having worked with Noreen for a few months, we can’t imagine working with another photographer. Already, she feels like part of the family, and we want her to be with us to capture all of the best moments of our lives. With her wonderful personality and incredible photography skills, Noreen becomes a part of and helps craft lasting memories, not just capture them on film.

Leah and Brian

I'm not entirely sure where to begin describing my amazing experience with Noreen Nooner Photography. Aside from Noreen's innate creativity, she values the importance of supporting the individual clients' style. She spent several hours with my (now) husband and I, during our engagement session. She even hiked to the top of a bluff that over looks a river, to capture special moments of us in one of our favorite places! When it came to the wedding itself, she didn't just show up for the ceremony only to sit in the back of the church. On the contrary, she arrived early while everyone was getting ready... and strategically coordinated photo shoots with the groom and groomsmen, and myself with my bridesmaids. My husband and I had chosen to do a "reveal" for our wedding, and I could not be happier with the way these pre-wedding photos turned out. She captured the progression of my husband's expressions as he turned to see me in my dress for the first time... simply amazing! Noreen stayed through the reception as well, and not only got amazing shots of my husband and I during our first dance, but I was amazed and grateful for all the photos she took of our family and friends. Wedding days are kind of a whirlwind for the bride and groom, and I was delighted to be able to see everything I missed that day through Noreen's handiwork. Speaking of her handiwork... wow! The quality of her product shows that this is far more than a job for her... it is a passion. To go a step further, we have a handful of friends who are more fluent in the interworking's of photography than my husband or myself. And they were equally as impressed with the time and process she took at the wedding, and even more so with the end product. I can highly recommend Noreen Nooner to anyone in search of a photographer for a wedding, and a number of other occasions!


kayla and robert

Noreen was absolutely wonderful to work with! She photographed our engagement photos, my bridal portraits, and our wedding day and couldn't have been more easy to work with! She was sure to capture "us" in everything she did and made us feel so comfortable around her. It was so nice to have someone who got just as excited as we did about this special time in our lives! She does beautiful work and I will continue to recommend her to friends and family.